Who is
Taz Fabrication

Since its formation in 2014, TAZ Fabrication has grown from a small family metal fabrication company to an 1/3 veteran owned LLC with three partners. Our company focus is to provide sheet metal parts, fabrication and welding services to such industries as transportation, defense, environmental and federal and state government. We also design and build custom metal art work for local and corporate entities. Our staff is prepared and equipped to handle fast turnaround prototypes as well as high and low production.


Zackary Coble

Design & Engineering

16 years of manufacturing and welding experience including 6 years of quality control. Business responsibilities include project design, quality control and Zack is a AWS 3G/4G certified welder

Kirk Mickelsen

Marketing & Sales

Owner – 26 year of military experience as an Army Field Artillery Officer that include assignment in recruiting and marketing. Business responsibilities include sales, marketing and finance.

Tommy Coble

operations & Purchasing

15 years of fabrications experience including 20 year of supervisory experience. Business responsibilities include shop management and supply chain management.