Services Offered

TAZ Fabrication offers a wide variety of services from design, development, prototyping all the way to full production and installation.
CNC Plasma Cutting
Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. TAZ will cut materials with a plasma torch that include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper. TAZ Fabrication is your complete CNC plasma cutting source we utilize the art design and graphics to create a metal product that meets your needs.

Metal Art Design
TAZ has a department dedicated to your specific Art Design needs. Send us a sketch, drawing , or picture and we will design a 3D rendering.

Metal Railing and Interior Metal Design
TAZ will design any indoor or Outdoor railing system you need. We will come meet with you and start the railing design process. We can design and install metal railing , stairs and Cable railing to fit your design and needs.

Design Drawing
Made of metal and you need it designed? Give us the opportunity to complete 3D and AutoCAD drawing for you. We will take your design and bring I to life.

4 Axis CNC
TAZ Fabrication has the capability to design and Manufacture complicated metal parts to fit your special tooling and or 2nd amendment needs, give us a call on the advantages of 4 Axes design.

Metal Break
TAZ has the capability of bending and breaking metal up to ½ inch to meet your metal design needs.

Certified Welding
TAZ has onsite Certified welding and the ability to bring a welding team to your location all welds are inspected and certified to ensure the greatest quality of welding. Give us a call and we can provide certification information.

Production Fabrication
Need a product fabricated? TAZ has the ability to complete production fabrication from design to packaging. Give Kirk a call on your Production Fabrication needs.

Prototype Fabrication
This is the backbone of TAZ Fabrication we enjoy working with the customer to design and build Prototypes, we can also help with the Patient and Production outscore process.

Cable Railing Systems
Interior and Exterior cable railing systems to meet your exact needs.

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